How do I set up a fund?


step 1

type of fund and purpose

We would be honored to work with you in carrying out your charitable objectives. At your request, we can mail an information packet to you and/or to your financial advisers. We can also provide information about the many charitable giving opportunities in the community or information about specific organizations.


step 2

fund agreement

We will draft a two-page agreement with:

  • the name of the fund

  • purpose of fund

  • donor's names

Specific information will be added depending on the type of fund. For example, Scholarship Funds should include selection criteria while DAFs should indicate who the fund advisers will be.


Step 3

make the gift

Clients make the gift on their timetable - either outright or through a deferred estate gift. We provide all required tax receipts and documentation, as well as annual reports to the donors with respect to the Fun



carrying out the donor's intent

The fund agreement then becomes the guiding document for the Foundation as to how the Fund will be administered in perpetuity.