What Are Funds?

how a fund works.png

Individuals, businesses and nonprofits interested in creating a vehicle for donations that can be gifted over time, as opposed to one-time donations, may set up a fund within the NPCF or gift that donation directly to the NPCF investment pools.

There are many ways to give or donate to a fund.Funds are comprised of cash, stock and other assets that are given by donors and grow through investment in

(1) our investment pools, managed by a number of professional asset managers and overseen by the board or

(2) your own portfolio managed by your investment advisor. The NPCF often pools funds during grant making, which allows smaller funds to have the opportunity to make a larger impact in their communities.

All charitable donations are allowed the maximum charitable deduction, up to 60% of a donor's Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). 

Funds grow through investment with either (1) your own financial advisor or (2) our investment pools.

By pooling funds, smaller funds have the opportunity to make a larger impact via economies of scale. 

Donors have the flexibility to determine how they want to direct their investments and earnings for charitable donations. For instance, donors can grant earnings from investments to various causes, either in the four counties NPCF serves or to national and international nonprofits. Or donors can choose to reinvest earnings to compound their returns, thereby potentially increasing the future amounts they can gift.