What kind of funds are there?


donor advised funds

Donor Advised Funds offer maximum flexibility because you can add to your fund and recommend grants from your fund at any time. Through this type of fund, you can manage all of your giving from one account, and even support multiple nonprofits if you wish.

An added value is our online Donor Central, which allows you to research local nonprofits, securely access your funds online, recommend grants and view your giving and grant history.


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field of interest funds

You can support evolving needs and a variety of nonprofits by focusing on a broad area of interest. Donors select these funds to support areas of interest, such as the arts, child-care, environmental issues, health care or a specific geographic area.

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designated funds

If you want to support a specific organization during your lifetime or endow your giving, a designated fund allows you to choose a charitable group to benefit from your fund. This type of fund ensures that the organization you select will receive support regularly over a long period of time.

Setting up multiple designated funds will allow you to support more than one specific organization. 

greatest needs (unrestricted) fund

You can support emerging issues and changing needs in the community by creating a Greatest Needs (unrestricted) Fund. In doing so, you benefit from the Foundation’s knowledge of pressing issues in the community and the extensive research and evaluation process we use to determine needs in the community.

scholarship funds

You can help students pursue their educational dreams with a scholarship fund. Scholarship funds are often created in memory of someone and can be used to support educational opportunities, a specific educational institution or a course of study.

organization endowment funds

Donors and nonprofit organizations can create an endowment fund to protect charitable dollars and provide a stable, predictable source of income for the organization. Such funds can provide annual support for the organization.